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    Myocardial Cell Sheets

    Myocardial cell sheets hold great promise for treating difficult diseases, with clinical trials already in progress and high expectations for their future use.

    Joint Project of Osaka University & Sanplatec Corp.

    iP-TEC®️ Supports the Transportation of iPS Cell-Derived Myocardial Cell Sheets

    iPS Cell-Derived Myocardial Sheet Transport and Display
    Pioneering Myocardial Cell Sheets Nearing Clinical Approval. (CLICK to Expand)

    Japanese regenerative medicine research, including iPS cell-derived myocardial cell sheets, has attracted significant international interest. This offers a promising approach for treating ischemic cardiomyopathy and heart failure.

    As of 2023, eight patients have participated in these trials, showing smooth recovery and successful reintegration into society. Based on trial data, a review will be conducted, and the treatment is expected to be officially approved and commercialized by 2025.

    These sheets have been showcased at various national events and conferences, drawing high interest from visitors. During these events, visitors could observe the beating myocardial cell sheets, which garnered significant attention.

    How beating myocardial cell sheets were transported and displayed. (CLICK to Expand)

    At Osaka University, under the guidance of Professor Yoshiki Sawa, a special technique was developed to create beating iPS cell-derived myocardial cell sheets. These sheets were transported to the exhibition destination without freezing, maintaining their cultured state.

    Transporting myocardial cell sheets without freezing posed several challenges. It required precise temperature control and CO2 supply during transport, sealed transport of the culture vessel without leaking the culture medium, and maintaining temperature and CO2 levels without a CO2 incubator at the exhibition venue.

    iP-TEC® System has successfully facilitated the transport and display of iPS cell-derived myocardial sheets, even under harsh conditions such as vibrations from baggage handling.

    Examples of Events Showcasing iPS Cell-Derived Myocardial Cell Sheets (CLICK to Expand)
    • Major National Events:
      • G7 Ise-Shima Summit (2016)
        • Osaka > Mie (by Car): Transit time about 3hrs
      • G20 Osaka Summit (2019)
        • Osaka > Kobe (by Car): Transit time about 1hr
    • Conferences:
      • ISSCR International Society for Stem Cell Research (2017, Boston, USA)
        • Osaka > San Francisco > Boston (by Airplane): Transit time about 20hrs
      • Stem Cell Society Singapore (2017, Singapore)
        • Osaka > Malaysia > Singapore (by Airplane): Transit time about 22hrs
      • Regenerative Medicine Exhibitions (Japan)
        • Osaka > Yokohama (by Japan Railways): Transit time about 3hrs

    Download below PDF to see from which location beating iPS Cell-Derived Myocardial Cell Sheet was transported

    Myocardial Cell Sheets

    Key findings:

    These measures ensured the myocardial sheets remained intact and viable throughout the transport and display periods.

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