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    iMatrix 411

    Induction of vascular endothelial cells from human PSCs

    Product Basics

    iMatrix-411 is a recombinant Laminin-411 E8 fragment protein used as a cell culture matrix. Laminin-411 is a major isoform that lines the basal membrane of the endothelial cells in capillary vessels and binds mainly to the cell surface transmembrane receptors integrin α6β1 and α71β1.¹ The E8 fragment retains full binding activity toward integrin but lacks binding activities to other components. The switching of defined matrices is an important tool for guiding cells towards their desired fate.² Studies have shown that changing the ECM from laminin-511 E8 fragment (iMatrix-511) to laminin-411 E8 during differentiation efficiently induces endothelial progenitor cells from iPS cells.

    ¹ Nishiuchi, R. et al. Matrix Biol. 25, 189-197-,2006
    ² Ohta R et al., Scientific Reports, 6(35680), 1-12, 2016

    Key Features

    Technical Information

    Phenotypes of endothelial cells induced from pluripotent stem cells on iMatrix-411 coated plate

    Phenotypes of endothelial cells


    • Format: Liquid Solution (175 ug/vial @0.5 mg/mL), Solvent: PBS (-)
    • Storage temperature: 2-15 °C
    • Manufactured by: Nippi, Inc. 1-1-1 Senju-Midoricho, Adachi-ku, Tokyo, Japan



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    References & Literature

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    Ohta R et al., Laminin-guided highly efficient endothelial commitment from human pluripotent stem cells. Scientific Reports, 6 (35680), 1-12, 2016