Myocardial Cell Sheets
Successful Transport and Display of Beating Myocardial Cell Sheets

Myocardial cell sheets hold great promise for treating difficult diseases, with clinical trials already in progress and high expectations for their future use. Joint Project of Osaka University & Sanplatec Corp. iP-TEC®️ Supports the Transportation of iPS Cell-Derived Myocardial Cell Sheets If you need further details on iP-TEC® products, please do not hesitate to reach […]

CELLBANKER® Customization Service

Introducing CELLBANKER® Customization Services Zenogen Pharma is now offering a customization service for Japan’s leading cryoprotectant, CELLBANKER® Series. For any inquiries or to discuss your customization needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out through the below contact form or email us at We are dedicated to providing you with detailed information and tailored solutions […]

BIOMIMESYS® 3D cell culture scaffold as powerful tool to study metastases of breast cancer

Exciting news! A groundbreaking study using BIOMIMESYS® for breast cancer metastasis research has been published in the Experimental Hematology & Oncology Journal. The study, titled “ProNGF promotes brain metastasis through TrkA/EphA2 induced Src activation in triple negative breast cancer cells” by Cicero, Trouvilliez, et al. (2023), emphasizes the role of Extracellular Matrix organ specificity in […]

Press Release iMatrix-221

PRESS RELEASE: Successfully Seeding a Broken Heart – Heartseed Inc. succeeds in first human dosing of cardiomyocyte spheroids derived from allogeneic iPS Cells in PhⅠ/Ⅱ clinical trial for advanced heart failure utilizing iMatrix™ family of products. Heartseed Inc, announced that Heartseed successfully dosed the first patient with HS-001, an investigational iPS cell derived therapy for […]

Partnership with Cell Science & Technology Institute Inc. (CSTI)

Iwai North America Inc. executed a distributor’s agreement with Cell Science & Technology Institute Inc. (CSTI). CSTI is known for their quality culture medium for the Immuno-therapy and stem cells. The addition of these culture media to Iwai’s current product line up, creates a synergy among the products, thus providing researches reliable quality products for […]

Partnership with ZENOGEN PHARMA

Iwai North America Inc. executed a marketing collaboration agreement with Zenogen Pharma. Zenogen Pharma is known for their cryopreservation medium, CELLBANKER®. With over 80% cell viability for most cell lines along with +10 years of viability data, it is one of the trusted cryopreservation medium on the market.