CELLBANKER® Customization Service

Introducing CELLBANKER® Customization Services Zenogen Pharma is now offering a customization service for Japan’s leading cryoprotectant, CELLBANKER® Series. For any inquiries or to discuss your customization needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out through the below contact form or email us at orders@iwai-chem.com. We are dedicated to providing you with detailed information and tailored solutions […]

BIOMIMESYS® 3D cell culture scaffold as powerful tool to study metastases of breast cancer

Exciting news! A groundbreaking study using BIOMIMESYS® for breast cancer metastasis research has been published in the Experimental Hematology & Oncology Journal. The study, titled “ProNGF promotes brain metastasis through TrkA/EphA2 induced Src activation in triple negative breast cancer cells” by Cicero, Trouvilliez, et al. (2023), emphasizes the role of Extracellular Matrix organ specificity in […]

Press Release iMatrix-221

PRESS RELEASE: Successfully Seeding a Broken Heart – Heartseed Inc. succeeds in first human dosing of cardiomyocyte spheroids derived from allogeneic iPS Cells in PhⅠ/Ⅱ clinical trial for advanced heart failure utilizing iMatrix™ family of products. Heartseed Inc, announced that Heartseed successfully dosed the first patient with HS-001, an investigational iPS cell derived therapy for […]

Partnership with Cell Science & Technology Institute Inc. (CSTI)

Iwai North America Inc. executed a distributor’s agreement with Cell Science & Technology Institute Inc. (CSTI). CSTI is known for their quality culture medium for the Immuno-therapy and stem cells. The addition of these culture media to Iwai’s current product line up, creates a synergy among the products, thus providing researches reliable quality products for […]

Partnership with ZENOGEN PHARMA

Iwai North America Inc. executed a marketing collaboration agreement with Zenogen Pharma. Zenogen Pharma is known for their cryopreservation medium, CELLBANKER®. With over 80% cell viability for most cell lines along with +10 years of viability data, it is one of the trusted cryopreservation medium on the market.