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    Tapered Stencil for Cluster Culture – Low adhesion microplate

    Product Basics

    TASCL™ (Tapered Stencil for Cluster Culture) microplates are an innovative 3D culture device developed to easily and efficiently create homogenous multicellular 3D spheroids or embryoid bodies (EB). Extensively tested with Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells, TASCL is expected to play a crucial role in regenerative medicine and in vitro drug screening that can provide patient specific and disease-specific precision medicine research.

    iPS cells cultured using TASCL created multicellular spheroids or EB containing three germ layers. These EB biomimic the structure and function better than individual cells in 2D, making them suitable for studies in metabolism, toxicity, and regenerative medicine. ​

    TASCL 600 and TASCL 1000

    Key Features

    Technical Information

    TASCL Principles and Technology

    TASCL is a 3D microfabricated microplate made of silicone rubber with surface treatment technology. Its patented design of dense array of pass-through holes and inclined walls allows for all seeded cells to settle into the holes. In addition, its thin membrane keeps the cells within these holes, but allows for nutrients and oxygen to circulate through.

    TASCL microplates are provided on a pre-set culture insert and ready-to-use in a 6-well plate.

    Proof of Concept: Multicellular 3D Spheroids - Embryoid Bodies (EB)

    Size distribution of EB cultured in TASCL


    Cell Tested:
    • Human iPS cell lines
    • Cardiomyocyte derived from human iPS cells (healthy and diseased)
    • HepG2 (Hepatic)
    • MIN6 (Pancreatic)
    • Human derived stem cells
    • Human chondrocytes, knee
    • Mouse embryotic stem cell lines
    • Mouse primary liver cell
    • Mouse primary cardiomyocyte
    • 1x 6-Well Plate with cover
    • 6x Culture Insert
    • 6x TASCL microplate


    TASCL™ Low Adhesion Microplate

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    • Format:1 TACL600 microplate & 1 TACL1000 microplate
    • Price: $80.00
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    • * Only one purchase per lab *
    • SKU: TASCL600
    • Price: $310.00
    • SKU: TSCL1000
    • Price: $295.00 

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