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    Serum-free culture medium for human MSC.
    Animal-free or Xeno-free supplement available to use with base medium

    Product Basics

    CiMS™ is a serum-free cell culture medium for human mesenchymal stem cells (hMSC). The CiMS™-BM (base medium) is optimized for multiple passage expansions of various undifferentiated hMSCs. Pre-coating of culture vessels with an attachment matrix is not required, thereby improving efficiency. Furthermore, by adding either an animal-free supplement (CiMS™-sAF) or a xeno-free supplement (CiMS™-sXF), which are optimized for CiMS™-BM, long-term serum-free culture with high proliferation can be achieved.

    Key Features

    Technical Information

    Cell morphology

    Fig. 1
    hMSC derived from adipose tissue (AT-MSCs) cultured in CiMS™-BM supplemented with CiMS™-sAF, maintained normal morphology and adherence to the culture dish (day 4 shown).

    Fig. 2
    Proliferation activity of AT-MSCs was evaluated by population doubling level (PDL). Cells cultured in CiMS™-BM supplemented with either CiMS™-sXF or CiMS™-sAF without matrices have shown high proliferation through passages. Results are similar to cells cultured in MSC-T4 with fibronectin coated plates.

    Fig. 3
    Osteogenic, adipogenic and chondrogenic differentiation capability of AT-MSCs cultured in CiMS™-BM with CiMS™-sAF supplement were confirmed by Alizarin Red S staining, Oil Red O staining, and toluidine blue staining, respectively. The same differentiation capability was confirmed with CiMS™-sXF has been confirmed.


    According to the intended use, Xeno-free OR Animal-free supplement is available to purchase

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    Cat# Product Description Size Contents Storage Upon Arrival
    A2G00P05C CiMS™-BM Basal medium 500ml 1 bottle 4°C, protect from light
    A2G10P1CC CiMS™-sXF Xeno-free supplement 10ml 1 bottle Below -20°C
    A2G20P1CC CiMS™-sAF Animal-free supplement 10ml 1 bottle Below -20°C
    • Manufactured by: Cell Science and Technology Institute




    Base Medium
    • SKU: A2G00P05C
    • Size: 500ml
    • Price: $200.00$180.00


    Xeno Free Supplement
    • SKU: A2G10P1CC
    • Size: 10ml
    • Price: $500.00$450.00


    Animal Free Supplement
    • SKU: A2G20P1CC
    • Size: 10ml
    • Price: $775.00$695.00


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    2. Murabayashi, D., Mochizuki, M., Tamaki, Y. & Nakahara, T. Practical methods for handling human periodontal ligament stem cells in serum-free and serum-containing culture conditions under hypoxia: implications for regenerative medicine. Hum Cell 30, 169–180 (2017) doi: 10.1007/s13577-017-0161-2.