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    HemEX™-Type9A Upgrade Notice

    We are excited to share some important news regarding the HemEX™-Type9A mouse HSC expansion basal medium.  In CSTI’s ongoing commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction, upgrades have been made to this product.  The upgraded version, HemEX™-Type9AΦ, now available for purchase, not only increases the proliferation of undifferentiated HSCs compared to the previous version, but it […]

    Myocardial Cell Sheets
    Successful Transport and Display of Beating Myocardial Cell Sheets

    Myocardial cell sheets hold great promise for treating difficult diseases, with clinical trials already in progress and high expectations for their future use. Joint Project of Osaka University & Sanplatec Corp. iP-TEC®️ Supports the Transportation of iPS Cell-Derived Myocardial Cell Sheets If you need further details on iP-TEC® products, please do not hesitate to reach […]