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    Innovative labware for transporting live cells without freezing

    The complete iP-TEC® System can solve cell and tissue transportation issues with a three-tiered packaging.

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    Challenges in Cell and Tissue Transportation

    Freezing and thawing cells takes a lot of time, effort, and materials, and can damage the cells. Various challenges arise when transporting live cells, including temperature fluctuations, pH changes, CO₂ levels, and the risk of contamination, all of which can affect cell viability. Additionally, to avoid bubbles and sloshing that could harm cells, transporting them typically requires an excessive amount of medium, leading to unnecessary costs.

    Frozen transport vs Live transport
    What is iP-TEC® System

    The iP-TEC® System includes primary containers/components, secondary containers/components, and tertiary containers/components. By leveraging each tier, it can effectively maintain the ideal environment for your cells or tissues during transportation.

    Primary Containers/Components
    Designed to prevent leakage, bubbles, and sloshing in of your cells and tissues. Options with breathable materials for optimal O2/CO2 exchange.

    Secondary Containers/Components
    Specifically designed containers/components to secure your flasks or plates, ensuring your cells and tissues safety during transit.

    Tertiary Containers/Components
    Outer box and temperature stabilizers designed to maintain the temperature during transportation of your cells and tissues.

    How the complete iP-TEC® system create incubator environment ideal for cells and tissues

    CO2 maintenance:

    • Several primary components are manufactured from special breathable materials, facilitating O2/CO2 exchange while sealing your plates/flasks to prevent leakage. Specifically, iP-TEC® Secondary Container for Well Plates offers an airtight design, optionally available with CO2 packs to regulate gas transfer. By combining both the primary components and secondary containers, you can establish an environment with the ideal CO2 levels for your cells and tissues.

    Temperature Maintenance:

    • Tertiary Containers are insulated boxes designed to retain temperature, ensuring the maintenance of the desired temperature inside. These boxes, alongside iP-TEC® Temperature Stabilizers are specially designed for compatibility with iP-TEC® secondary containers. Depending on the distance and type of container used, we recommend specific insulated boxes and quantities of temperature stabilizers for optimal performance.

    Using all three tiers together, you will be able to maintain the ideal incubator environment for your tissues during your travel.

    For longer journeys, we recommend utilizing Xyltech™ medium in conjunction with iP-TEC® products to regulate cell proliferation rates.

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