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    Iwai North America
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    Iwai North America Inc.

    Iwai North America Inc.,  wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of Iwai Chemicials, Co. Ltd (Japan), was established in 2006 as part of Iwai Chemicals’ expansion into the international market.
    Iwai North America Inc. mission is to introduce quality reagents, tools, technologies, and services at an affordable cost. In doing so, contribute to society by supporting researchers with early discoveries, and establishment of new technologies and treatments.

    About Iwai Chemicals Co. Ltd

    Iwai Chemicals Co. Ltd. was established in 1947 with the aim of producing and distributing high purity reagents. For the past 70 years we have upheld “integrity” as the cornerstone of our management philosophy, with the understanding that only by earning our customers’ trust can we continue to innovate and grow.

    Remarkable advances have been made in the field of life science since our founding, especially in the fields of molecular biology, genetic engineering, and immunology. We have achieved its current position as an industry leader by anticipating and acting on the need for specialized reagents in these research areas by compiling a comprehensive product line through partnerships with major manufacturers, both domestic and overseas. Furthermore, in order to meet the various needs of companies, government agencies, universities, and research institutions, we expanded our Technical, Marketing and Planning division, produced our own antibodies, and added numerous services such as large-scale culturing and peptide/DNA synthesis. As the field of life science continues evolving, we continue to evolve as well, constantly endeavoring to discover new areas of potential development, anticipate customers’ needs, and stay at the cutting edge of research trends.

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    We provide high-quality cell culture essentials, 3D cell culture tools, and stem cell related products

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