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    Cell culture system to control cell proliferation

    Product Basics

    Do you have weekend plans and can’t attend to your cells? Interested in live cell transport?
    Xyltech™ is a novel culture medium that suppresses cell growth while maintaining cell morphology and the ability to differentiate. This product is perfect for those looking to slow cell growth to prevent over-confluency. Together with Xyltech™ Growth, you can obtain a cell culture system to control cell proliferation rate.

    Key Features

    Technical Information

    1. Product Concept

    Proliferation of human fibroblasts cultured in Xyltech ™ Growth H-Fbro (growth medium) can be suppressed by using Xyltech ™ H-Fbro-01 medium while maintaining the cell properties.

    Fig. 1 Changes in the number of normal human fibroblast.
    The cell number of human fibroblasts cultured using Xyltech ™ Growth H-Fbro (for cell proliferation, blue) and Xyltech ™ H-Fbro-01 (for cell proliferation suppression, orange) was determined.

    2. Examples of proliferation control

    Human fibroblast using Xyltech™ H-Fbro-01

    Fig. 2 Human fibroblasts proliferation was suppressed when cultured in Xyltech™ H-Fbro-01.
    On Day 0 Xyltech™ Growth H-Fbro was replaced with Xyltech™ H-Fbro-01 to control proliferation for 5 days without feeding Representative images showed the normal human fibroblast proliferation became gentle (Bars 200 µm)

    3. Application Notes: Live cell transport with Xyltech H-Fbro-01

    3. Poster: A Novel Xeno-Free Proliferation Control Culture System for Human Adipose Derived Stem Cells


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     ES/iPS cellsFibroblastMSC
    SuppressionXyltech™ BOF-01
    SKU: 10101
    Size: 100mL
    Storage temp: 2-8°C
    Xyltech™ H-Fbro-01
    SKU: 10301
    Size: 100mL
    Storage temp: 2-8°C
    Xyltech™ MSC-01
    SKU: 10401
    Size: 100mL
    Storage temp: 2-8°C
    GrowthCurrently not availableXyltech™ Growth H-Fbro
    SKU: 10311
    Size: 500mL
    Storage temp: 2-8°C
    Xyltech™ Growth MSC
    SKU: 10411
    Size: 500mL
    Storage temp: 2-8°C
    SupplementCurrently not availableCSTI Artificial SerumXyltech™ Growth MSC
    Supplement XF (Xeno-free)

    SKU: 10412
    Size: 10mL
    Storage temp: -20°C
    • Manufactured by: Bourbon Biomedical Advanced Research Laboratories, Inc.



    Suppression Medium
    • SKU:10101
    • Size: 100ml
    • Price: $125.00$112.00
    Suppression Medium
    • SKU:10301
    • Size: 100ml
    • Price: $155.00$140.00
    Growth Medium
    • SKU:10311
    • Size: 500ml
    • Price: $190.00$170.00
    Suppression Medium
    • SKU:10401
    • Size: 100ml
    • Price: $400.00$360.00
    Growth Medium
    • SKU:10411
    • Size: 500ml
    • Price: $200.00$180.00
    Growth Supplement
    • SKU:10412
    • Size: 10ml
    • Price: $500.00$450.00


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