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    Do you culture high-maintenance cells that require a medium change every other day?

    Disadvantages you might face with high-maintenance cells:

    • Not economical, consumes your time, and depletes culture medium.
    • Unnecessary passaging ages the cells, especially primary cell cultures, which tend to lose their traits after multiple passagings.
    • You can never enjoy long weekends!

    The parent company of Bourbon Biomedical, manufacturer of Xyltech™ series media, is a long-established confectionery manufacturer and an expert of sugars. They have discovered that by replacing glucose in culture medium with xylitol, proliferation can be reduced without altering the properties of the cells.

    After using the “-01” Xyltech™ medium, simply switch to regular “Growth” medium to resume normal proliferation rate. All Xyltech™ media are serum-free complete medium. Currently they have medium for human iPS/ES cell, mesenchymal stem-cell and fibroblasts.

    Xyltech™ medium with live transportation system:

    Sharing cells with other locations requires cryopreservation and shipment with dry ice. However, a live transportation system (iP-TEC® from Sanplatec) enables cells to be transported in an environment similar to the lab’s incubating conditions in terms of CO2 and temperature, thus reducing stress. Nevertheless, the concentration of cells needs to be adjusted to adequately feed the proliferating cells during transportation.

    In the left figure below, adipose tissue-derived MSCs were kept in a live-transportation environment for 2 days (33°C without CO2). The proliferation rate of MSCs were reduced compared to the lab environment with both Growth and -01 suppression media. However, when the environment and medium were resumed to Growth, both groups proliferated as well as the group without 2-days of live transportation period.  MSC’s ability to differentiate into adipocytes, osteocytes and chondrocytes was all maintained.

    If you need further details on Xyltech™ medium, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at: or use below contact form