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    3D cell culture model for Liver

    Product Basics

    BIOMIMESYS® Liver is a Hyaluronic acid (HA) based scaffold 3D cell culture model. This groundbreaking 3D cell culture technology associates the behavior of a solid scaffold and of a hydrogel, which we call “Hydroscaffold”. The Hydroscaffold’s composition and mechanical properties can mimics the microenvironment of Liver. It is proven to provide better in vitro/in vivo correlation and cell longevity than 2D models.

    Key Features

    Technical Information

    For a better cell longevity and a proper phenotype

    BIOMIMESYS® Cell longevity and a proper phenotype

    BIOMIMESYS® Liver is dedicated to the culture of liver cells such as hepatocytes. Unlike in 2D culture, primary human hepatocytes in 3D within BIOMIMESYS® Liver had their enzymatic activities (e.g. CYPs) and albumin secretion maintained until 21 days.

    For a better in vitro/in vivo correlation

    Ready to Use

    BIOMIMESYS® Oncology is EASY & READY TO USE. Upon receiving the vacuum sealed 96-well plate open it (under a hood) and add the cells directly on top of the matrix. Changing the culture medium is easy as well. To remove medium, simply draw the medium with a pipette between the matrix and the edge of the well. To refresh the medium, place fresh medium onto the surface of the matrix.

    Successfully Tested Cells

    Cell Lines
    Human hepatocytes : HepaRG, IHH
    Human stellate : LX2
    Human liver hepatocellular carcinoma : HepG2
    Human liver hepatoma : PLC / PRF-5
    Human colorectal adenocarcinoma : HCT 116

    Primary Cells
    Human hepatocytes : HH cryopreserved

    Stem Cells
    Hematopoietic : CD34+
    Human induced pluripotent stem cells : hiPS
    Complete List of Tested Cells [PDF]

    * Proof of Concept:
    Increased Culture Time [PDF]
    Maintain Hepatocyte Functions [PDF]
    Maintain Cyp Activity & Inducibility [PDF]
    Allows Hepatotoxicity Studies [PDF]

    Compatible with Most Downstream Applications

    BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold has many properties (transparent, porous, biodegradable, & solid) making it ideal for use with numerous downstream applications.


    • Hyaluronic acid (HA) (1.6MDa) grafted with RGDS
    • Adipic acid dihydrazide (ADH) as crosslinker
    • Collagen Type I & VI
    • Galactosamine
    Physicochemical Features:
    • Young’s modulus: ~0.6kPa – different stiffness is available through customization
    • Porosity: 117±23μm



    24 Hydrogel / 96 Well

    Transparent Plate
    • SKU: BIO_LIV_96_24_transp
    • Price: $410.00 → $369.00
    Black Plate
    • SKU: BIO_LIV_96_24_black
    • Price: $410.00 → $369.00

    96 Hydrogel / 96 Well

    Transparent Plate
    • SKU: BIO_LIV_96_96_transp
    • Price: $590.00 → $531.00
    Black Plate
    • SKU: BIO_LIV_96_96_black
    • Price: $590.00 → $531.00

    384 Hydrogel / 384 Well / Black

    1 Plate
    • SKU: BIO_LIV_384_384_black
    • Price: $665.00 → $600.00
    5 Plates
    • SKU: BIO_LIV_384_384_black_5
    • Price: $2500.00 → $2250.00

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