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    3D cell culture model for Brain

    Product Basics

    BIOMIMESYS® Brain is a Hyaluronic acid (HA) based scaffold 3D cell culture model. This groundbreaking 3D cell culture technology associates the behavior of a solid scaffold and of a hydrogel, which we call “Hydroscaffold”. The Hydroscaffold’s composition and mechanical properties can mimics the microenvironment of brain tissues. It is proven to provide better in vitro/in vivo correlation than 2D models.

    Key Features

    Technical Information

    Mimics the Microenvironment of Brain Tissue

    By mimicking the low stiffness of brain tissues, BIOMIMESYS® Brain allows to grow mini-brains (spheroids of brain cells) or neuronal networks in 3D.

    BIOMIMESYS® Microenvironment of Brain Tissue

    For a better in vitro/in vivo correlation

    By using a brain-specific ECM with BIOMIMESYS® Brain, Luhmes cells showed lower sensitivity to Parkinson’s disease inducers in BIOMIMESYS® compared to 2D culture.

    Ready to Use

    BIOMIMESYS® Oncology is EASY & READY TO USE. Upon receiving the vacuum sealed 96-well plate open it (under a hood) and add the cells directly on top of the matrix. Changing the culture medium is easy as well. To remove medium, simply draw the medium with a pipette between the matrix and the edge of the well. To refresh the medium, place fresh medium onto the surface of the matrix.

    Successfully Tested Cells

    Cell Lines
    Human brain metastasis: SA87
    Human neuroblastoma : SH-SY5Y
    Human glioblastoma : CB109 / CB74 / CB191
    Human gliome : DIPG007
    Normal human neurons :  Luhmes
    Normal human colon fibroblast : CCD18-co
    Normal mouse preadipocytes : 3T3-L1 / 3T3-F442A
    Human colorectal adenocarcinoma : HCT 116
    Human liver hepatocellular carcinoma

    Primary Cells
    Human astrocytes : cryopreserved
    Mouse neuronal cells

    Stem Cells
    Human induced pluripotent stem cells : CNS4U, Peri4U
    Complete List of Tested Cells [PDF]

    Compatible with Most Downstream Applications

    BIOMIMESYS® hydroscaffold has many properties (transparent, porous, biodegradable, & solid) making it ideal for use with numerous downstream applications.



    • Hyaluronic acid (HA) (1.6MDa) grafted with RGDS
    • Adipic acid dihydrazide (ADH) as crosslinker
    • Collagen Type IV
    • cationic bioplolymer

    Physicochemical Features:

    • Young’s modulus: ~0.1kPa – different stiffness is available through customization
    • Porosity: 150±30μ




    24 Hydrogel / 96 Well

    Transparent Plate
    • SKU: BIO_BRA_96_24_transp
    • Price: $410.00 → $369.00
    Black Plate
    • SKU: BIO_BRA_96_24_black
    • Price: $410.00 → $369.00

    96 Hydrogel / 96 Well

    Transparent Plate
    • SKU: BIO_BRA_96_96_transp
    • Price: $590.00 → $531.00
    Black Plate
    • SKU: BIO_BRA_96_96_black
    • Price: $590.00 → $531.00

    References & Literature

    De Conto, V. et al. In vitro differentiation modifies the neurotoxic response of SH-SY5Y cells. Toxicology in Vitro 77, 105235 (2021) doi: 10.1016/j.tiv.2021.105235.