Myocardial Cell Sheets
Successful Transport and Display of Beating Myocardial Cell Sheets

Myocardial cell sheets hold great promise for treating difficult diseases, with clinical trials already in progress and high expectations for their future use. Joint Project of Osaka University & Sanplatec Corp. iP-TEC®️ Supports the Transportation of iPS Cell-Derived Myocardial Cell Sheets If you need further details on iP-TEC® products, please do not hesitate to reach […]

Xyltech™ series for proliferation control

Xyltech™ Cell culture system to control cell proliferation Buy Online Product Basics Do you have weekend plans and can’t attend to your cells? Interested in live cell transport?Xyltech™ is a novel culture medium that suppresses cell growth while maintaining cell morphology and the ability to differentiate. This product is perfect for those looking to slow […]