ALyS™505NK series Natural Killer (NK) Cells

ALyS™505NK Series Serum-free cell culture medium for activation and expansion of Human NK cells Buy Online Product Basics ALyS505NK-AC and ALyS505NK-EX are serum-free, xeno-free cell culture media optimized for human natural killer (NK) cells derived from peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs). NK cells are crucial for innate immunity. Unlike T cells, they can damage virus-infected […]

AlyS505N and AlyS705
ALyS™505N/705 series Human Lymphocytes T Cells

ALyS™505N & ALyS™705 Serum free medium for the activation and expansion of Human Lymphocyte Buy Online Product Basics ALyS™505N is a serum-free and xeno-free medium used for the expansion and activation of human lymphocytes. It is available in four different IL-2 concentrations, suitable for activating or expanding T cells from human lymphocytes. Higher concentrations of […]