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    ALyS™505NK Series are Serum-Free, Xeno-Free Cell Culture Mediums for NK Cells Derived from PBMCs.

    A solution to common challenges in in vitro cultivation of NK cells, including expansion rate, phenotype preservation, and T cell contamination, is provided by the ALyS™505NK Series.

    ALyS™505NK Series, consisting of ALyS505NK-AC and ALyS505NK-EX eliminating the requirement for bead sorting or flow cytometry to isolate NK cells from PBMCs.

    The utilization of the ALyS™505NK Series for activation and expansion facilitates the generation of high-quality, functional NK cell populations, deemed ideal for a wide range of research and therapeutic endeavors.

    Key Features of ALyS™505NK Series:

    For the primary culture derived from PBMC, supplementing with auto-plasma or CSTI’s booster is recommended.

    ————————————————————————— FAQ —————————————————————————

    Do I need to use both ALyS505NK-AC and -EX together?

    Not mandatory, as it hinges on your specific needs and objectives for NK cell activation and expansion. Nevertheless, we strongly advocate utilizing both ALyS505NK-AC and -EX for the activation and expansion of NK cells, as they are formulated to deliver superior results when used in conjunction.

    What are the key functions of ALyS505NK-AC and -EX?

    ALyS505NK-AC (doi: 10.1016/j.biomaterials.2019.119377)

    • Higher collection of NK cells.
      • PBMC collected from normal blood contains only 10-13% NK cells. Most other NK-cell culture kits require isolating NK cells from all PBMCs using cell sorting or beads, which necessitates labeling with antibodies for NK cell markers. The advantage of ALyS NK is its medium composition, which provides favorable conditions for NK cells but not for other cells, resulting in an NK cell percentage increase to 60-80%. (In denser populations, avoid pH changes to gain a higher NK percentage).
    • Activation
      • Yields highly active NK cells
    • Proliferation
      • Enables faster proliferation

    ALyS505NK-EX (doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.13979)

    • Acts as a ‘copy machine’ for the highly active NK cells.
    • Works best when used with ALySNK-AC.

    Is there data available to support the claim that ALyS™505NK Series provide a comprehensive solution to the challenges encountered in in vitro cultivation of NK cells?

    Performance data of Alys505NK-AC&EX
    • Fig. 1: the proliferation of PBMC cultured in ALyS505NK-AC & EX over 14 days was higher than that in competitor G’s medium.
    • Fig. 2 and 3: PBMCs were collected from three donors and cultured with ALyS505NK-AC & EX and competitor G’s medium. As depicted in Fig. 2, the number of NK cells obtained on day 14 was significantly higher when cultured with ALyS505NK-AC & EX. Furthermore, as shown in Fig. 3, the ratio of NK cells to T cells was between 55-75% and 45-25% with ALyS505NK-AC & EX. In contrast, only 25-45% of NK cells were obtained after culturing in competitor G’s medium. Despite some noticeable variation among donors, ALyS505NK-AC & EX demonstrated highly efficient proliferation of NK cells and a high NK cell ratio.
    • Fig. 4: the cytotoxicity level of NK cells was evaluated by incubating them with K562 for four hours at varying E/T ratios. The NK cells cultured from ALyS505NK-EX exhibited cytotoxic activity even at low E/T ratios.

    Do you usually have these products in stock?

    Regrettably, ALyS™505NK Series are not part of our standard inventory. Upon receiving orders, most recent batch of these products will be shipped from Japan to our US shipping location. International shipments typically take 2-3 weeks. If you’re interested, we advise reaching out to us beforehand.

    Feel free to inquire us on ALyS™505NK Series via the contact form below or by emailing us at Our team is committed to delivering comprehensive information and personalized solutions perfectly suited to your needs.