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    Introducing: CELLOTION®—a game-changer in handling your cells efficiently and effectively.

    Are you currently relying on PBS for your washing needs?

    In cell culture processes such as passaging, medium changes, sorting, drug treatments, and thawing, washing cells through centrifugation is an unavoidable step. However, conventional buffers or serum-free media used for washing may result in the loss of up to 40% of cells due to insufficient compositions.

    CELLOTION® presents a compelling solution to this pressing challenge.

    CELLOTION® is a chemically defined solution formulated for washing applications. It delicately treats cells, devoid of any serum or protein components, rendering it perfect for serum-free culture systems or scenarios where protein contamination poses a threat.

    Beyond its role as a cell washing solution

    CELLOTION® is also compatible with cell sorting processes (FACS). It actively prevents cell adhesion to plastic surfaces, thus lending itself ideally to coating microtips and tubing. This coating enhances the recovery of target cells during sorting procedures.

    Moreover, cells sorted into CELLOTION® can be pelleted and utilized directly for RT-qPCR, RNA sequencing, and genomic DNA extraction for whole-genome bisulfite sequencing, eliminating the necessity for additional rinsing steps.

    How to use when collecting PBMC:

    Add and mix CELLOTION® to the peripheral blood in 1:1 ratio before centrifuge with Ficoll. Collect the layer of PBMC, then wash with CELLOTION® a few times instead of PBS.

    You will yield 1.6 times more lymphocytes from the same amount of blood when CELLOTION® was used.

    Isolation of peripheral blood lymphocytes

    Exploring Additional Use Cases:

    • Stem cell isolation from various sources
    • Leukocyte isolation from peripheral blood
    • Post-thawing cell washing
    • General cell washing
    • Coating of sorting tubing and other plasticware
    • Dilution buffer for CAR-T cells


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